Webinar: Autism and Employment

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The VR Development Group is proud to announce an exciting free webinar on autism and employment. Designed for Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Employment Specialists, and young adults (17-24) living with Autism. This webinar will introduce tools to assist people with ASD in obtaining and maintaining employment.

Recorded:  6/18/2020
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CRCs:  1 credit available


  • Explore tools to advocate for sensory based accommodations
  • Learn a strategies for transitioning from to high school to post-secondary education or work
  • Discover MI strategies for working with young adults with Autism
  • Recognize symptoms of common co-occurring mental health conditions in people with ASD
  • Receive tools to prepare young adults with ASD for interviews and employment, disclosure about diagnosis tools


Sean InderbitzenSean M. Inderbitzen
Sean is a Behavioral Health Therapist for Northlakes Community Clinic, and lives with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has a caseload of 25% of his patients that live with ASD and varying comorbid psychiatric conditions. Prior to being a mental health clinician, he was a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist for Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for 3 years. He was also appointed by Governor Walker to the Statewide Independent Living Council of Wisconsin.

He is an incoming Member to the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, and provides training on Motivational Interviewing, ASD and Employment, ASD and Comorbid Psychiatric Conditions. If interested in a consult please email him at Seabindie@me.com

Katherine Hurley, MA, MFA
Katherine is a PhD student in Counseling at The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development. She works for the GW Center for Rehabilitation Counseling Research and Education, supporting rehabilitation counselors in training. She has been awarded grants and recognition by the Social Security Administration and others for her research toward increasing employment opportunities for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Brought to you in part by the Center for Innovative Training in Vocational Rehabilitation (CIT-VR) and George Washington University.

This presentation will be CART captioned and ASL-interpreted.

4 Comments on “Webinar: Autism and Employment”

  1. I would like to confirm my registration for this webinar for myself and two employees. Can you please send us the instructions or link on how to join this webinar. Thanks

    1. Hi Sheree, If you have signed up for this event, registration information, including your unique link to join the webinar, will be sent to you shortly. Please expect an email from VR Development Group at no-reply@zoom.us. This is an automated message, so there is a chance that it will land in an email folder other than your primary inbox (i.e. a spam folder). If you’re unable to locate the email with your registration details, please contact the VR Development Group: webinar@vrdevelopmentgroup.com

  2. Great webinar for an overview on this topic. I am a CRC and Speech Language Pathologist working with young adults with ASD at the high school level. I appreciate your comments and credit to the niche area of social communication and pragmatic work we do with students. I hope to help young adults in this area before they leave high school as well as to set them up with resouces such as VR and counseling to help ensure their success into yound adulthood. Thank you for all you do!

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