Tools for Finding Employment: Disclosing a Visual Impairment

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Making the decision to disclose disability to a potential or current employer can be difficult for anyone. For people with visual impairments, it may be one of the most difficult issues to deal with during the employment process. It’s also the subject of frequent debate — each person with a disability has their own distinct point of view, based on their unique circumstances.

"Tools for Finding Employment: Disclosing a Visual Impairment" guides people with visual impairments through thinking about the potential consequences, both positive and negative, of disclosure at different stages and in different ways during the employment process:

  • Before an interview: by letter, email, or cover letter
  • Before an interview: by meeting the employer in person and possibly demonstrating a disability
  • During the interview: in person, or on the phone
  • After being hired and starting a job
  • When it becomes an issue on the job

There is not one right answer to the disclosure issue; each situation and employer is different. Ultimately, only the person with the disability can make the best choice for themselves.