Master’s Program in Rehabilitation Counseling

Master's Student

The George Washington University Master’s program in Rehabilitation Counseling is offered On-Campus and online. The program designed to prepare State/Federal rehabilitation professionals to work specifically with persons who are mentally ill as well as a variety of other disabilities.

Scholarship Opportunity

Students admitted into the MA program are strongly encouraged to apply for Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) scholarship funding through the GW Rehabilitation Counseling Program, to gain full or partial funding for their master’s degree program. Students who receive RSA scholarship funding must adhere to “payback through service” requirements. Through RSA scholarships, students commit to service in the rehabilitation services field for a specified time-period dependent upon amount of RSA funding received.

Download the Program Flyer

Please contact Dr. Maureen McGuire-Kuletz for additional information and any questions regarding the application process.

Email: | Phone: 202-994-9428

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  1. I have worked 5 years as a Rehabilitation Counselor and 7 years as an Instructor in a Community Rehabilitation Program. I am interested in applying to your program. One of your flyers stated there was no GRE/GMAT requirement. Which is it? Can it be waived for persons already working in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling? Thank you.

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