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For aspiring, new, or seasoned supervisors, this training will provide practical skills, knowledgeable insights, and proven practices to improve your vocational rehabilitation counselor supervision skills.

Over the course of five training modules, James Herbert, a 35 year Rehabilitation Counselor Educator and 30 year Clinical supervision researcher, will provide a foundation for increasing your knowledge and skills, enhancing counselor performance, and improving client outcomes.

Clinical Supervision Training Series

About Your CS Series Presenter

James Herbert

James T. Herbert
Professor of Rehabilitation and Human Services
The Pennsylvania State University
(814) 863-3421 | jth4@psu.edu

Background in Clinical Supervision:

  • 35 years as Rehabilitation Counselor Educator
  • Clinical supervision research for past 30 years
    • Nationwide survey of graduate training practices
    • Instrument validation on CS
    • Description of CS models
    • Analysis of graduate training practices
    • Effectiveness of CS training in SVR
  • CS significant part of teaching assignments
  • Conducted CS training across United States for 10 different State VR agencies
  • Awarded Mary Switzer Distinguished Research Fellow on three occasions with one in recognition for his work involving the development of a training program to enhance CS practice within State VR.