At-Home Wellness Guide to Staying Healthy During COVID-19

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COVID is sparking anxiety across the globe. The virus has everyone making changes to their daily routines, washing their hands more often, practicing social distancing, and even quarantining themselves by working from home. All these … Read More

Telehealth Toolkit: Best Practices for Employment and Benefits Services to People with Disabilities

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The world seems to have been turned upside-down by COVID-19. We’ve had to change most aspects of our lives: the way we live, interact with others, attend school, go into the community, and for many, … Read More

Distance Counseling Webinar Series

Free Webinars Personal and Professional Resilience: Recorded 4/1/20 1:00pm CST – Access Personal and Professional Resilience Recorded Training Triumphant Telecommuting: Recorded 4/8/20 1:00pm CST – Access Triumphant Telecommuting Recorded Training Ethics and Distance Counseling: Recorded 4/14/20 … Read More