Center for Innovative Training in Vocational Rehabilitation (CIT-VR)

center for innovative training in vocational rehabilitation

The George Washington University Center for Rehabilitation Counseling Research and Education, in partnership with San Diego State University and the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation, is pleased to announce our newly created Center for Innovative Training in Vocational Rehabilitation (CIT-VR).*

The Center’s focus is on developing innovative methods to train VR personnel to support the work of State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies in delivering rehabilitation services and to improve employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

In year one of the project, CIT-VR will select 10 states to receive access to online training modules for their personnel that focuses on core components of the rehabilitation process including:

  • Eligibility Determination
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment
  • Developing an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)
  • Job development and placement
  • Case closure

The Center will also offer a number of webinars on a variety of topical areas based on the results of an assessment of training needs of State VR agencies, as well offering virtual Communities of Practice.

Contact information:

Dr. Maureen McGuire-Kuletz, Principle Investigator:

John C. Walsh, Project Director:

*This project is funded through a grant from the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration under the Innovative Rehabilitation Training Program (CFDA 84.263C).

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