Telehealth Toolkit: Best Practices for Employment and Benefits Services to People with Disabilities

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The world seems to have been turned upside-down by COVID-19. We’ve had to change most aspects of our lives: the way we live, interact with others, attend school, go into the community, and for many, the way we do our jobs. The effects of social distancing can take a toll on all of us and the need to feel connected is essential.

Community service providers can bridge gaps to help individuals with disabilities navigate resources, access benefits, address concerns, and take actions to achieve goals. To continue this support, employment and benefits counseling service providers have turned to telehealth, the practice of providing health-related services remotely.

The “Telehealth Toolkit: Best Practices for Providing Employment and Benefits Services to People with Disabilities” contains best practices for providing telehealth services to support people with disabilities in reaching their employment and life goals.

Telehealth Toolkit