Customized Training: Employers Partnering with Training Providers to Build Skilled Workforce

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One way employers are partnering with training providers is through customized training (CT) – an approach where the employer shares training costs with the training provider with an intent to hire some or all of the successful graduates of the training program. This approach enables employers to develop a qualified and skilled workforce and job seekers to get training and education leading to a job and career path.

Customized Training Programs and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agencies

CT programs are partnerships between employers and local training providers, such as community colleges or community-based organizations. Partnerships can also include organizations like vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies and American Job Centers. These additional partners perform critical tasks like managing and convening the partnership, doing recruitment, performing assessment and intake, and providing linkages to supportive services.

How are these programs funded through VR?

What is the value of customized training to VR agencies and their clients?

How can your VR agency adopt and build a customized training program?

Find out the answers to these questions by Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC) summary on customized training (CT)