Program Evaluations to Measure Successful WIOA Implementation

group of young adults stack hands on top of one another

Check out the program evaluations designed to measure various aspects connected to successful WIOA implementation in state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies. These evaluations were designed by Vocational Rehabilitation professionals who participated in PEQA’s (Program Evaluation and … Read More

Apprenticeships Provide a Path to High Levels of Employment and Wages for People with Disabilities

young woman learns mechanical trade with help from supervisor

Apprenticeship is an effective work-based learning approach that builds worker skills and establishes pathways to higher levels of employment and wages. Earn and Learn Apprenticeship is an “earn and learn” model in which apprentices earn … Read More

Customized Training: Employers Partnering with Training Providers to Build Skilled Workforce

young lady looks back while taking a training

One way employers are partnering with training providers is through customized training (CT) – an approach where the employer shares training costs with the training provider with an intent to hire some or all of … Read More